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The Consultants For Business ® was established in 2013 and is the data center company supporting the activities of Studio Carone ®.

The Consultants For Business ® has operative offices in Milan and Bari and offers assistance throughout the italian and international territory.

The Consultants For Business ® regardless of the size and nature of the company, provides rapid resolution to the needs posed by customers in the execution of civil and tax compliance in compliance with national legislation, Community and non-Community.

The main Consultants For Business ® activities are:

  • Assistance in corporate due diligence operations, mergers, demergers, transformations and purchase or transfers of total por partial companies;
  • Business advice through specialized consultants;
  • Accounting and administrative outsourcing;
  • Investigations and accounting checks
  • Reporting, Budget and Cash Flow;
  • Management control
  • registration of purchase and sale
  • invoices assistance in drafting the First Note and related control
  • general ledger registration with verification of registrations
  • periodic verification of registrations
  • monthly and quarterly VAT payment
  • drafting of periodic and annual financial statements
  • drafting and drafting of minutes of shareholders’ meetings and board of directors processing
  • printing of accounting records
  • printing of social books
  • Drafting of Business Plan
  • Preparation of documentation for VAT refunds
  • data processing for the preparation of annual VAT declaration;
  • data processing for the preparation of income tax returns for private individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint-stock companies and non-profit organizations;
  • data processing for the preparation of IRAP declarations: individual companies, partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations;
  • data processing for the preparation of tax substitutes.
  • data processing for the preparation of other tax returns
  • Data processing for the preparation of the payment of IMU and TASI

The Consultants For Business ® guarantees prompt responses to customer inquiries, the timely updating of accounting procedures so as to make them as flexible as possible to tax news, and to constantly and promptly guide customers in compliance with tax deadlines.