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The Story So Far.

Donato Carone, accountant and auditor, founded Studio Carone ® more than three scores ago.
Nicola Carone, also accountant, auditor and advisor to the Bari Court of Justice, has been a major partner of the Studio Nicola Carone since 2005. Since January 2012 the firm offers its clients legal advice and assistance by the inclusion as a partner of Avv. Mariangela Carone her staff.

Studio Carone ® can rely on a wide range of advisers and collaborators with skills and specialisations in different fields.

The firm has offices in Bari, Milan and Tirana and it operates both internationally and on the italian terrirory.

Studio Carone ®, thanks to its highly specialised activity in the fields of tax and business law, has acted as an advisor to many italian and foreigner companies and groups. The Studio has helped them dealing with relevant tax operations, financial deals and tax litigations as well as M&A operations.

The firm offers law and fiscal advisory services both in italian, english and portuguese.

The Firm

Our Mission

Our belief in organised and professional work pushed us to put in writing the code of conduct (see the manifesto) shared by our team. We also keep up to date with new technologies and work practices to provide a functional workflow both internally and towards our clients.


The professional and moral qualities of people are the ingredients that make a team truly succesful. Every team member is a contact point between us and our clients and we like to care of this relationship. Studio Carone ® employs periodical customer satisfaction surveys to make sure that it is doing a good job and that our clients are satisfied with our work.

Continous Learning

Studio Carone ® promotes continuous learning among its team members. We organise internal courses and also push our people to join conferences, workshops and training programmes.

Your Satisfaction

We enjoy solving problems, but what we love is to be able to prevent them. We guarantee our customers a broad view and full coverage of their fiscal issues. We provide both short and long term tax planning, write up financial plans and analyse the best capital structure for you business. We prepare your balance sheets and we can keep track of your budget and business plans. We also provide organisational advice and help restructuring your administrative processes. Our clients are our pride and joy and we adapt to their markets to provide them with tailor-made solutions to their issues.

Our Goals

We continuously strive to solve the issues of our clients so that we can become their main reference point. We creatilvely pursue efficient solutions while analysing all legal aspects and financial implications to provide a full-range service to the businesses we work for.

Studio Carone ® aims to a constant growth in both the italian and international market, also widening the scope of its professional services, while keeping the flexible structure that makes it a competitive choice for our clients.


Studio Carone ® is self-regulated by an internal code of conduct that binds us to the highest levels of customer satisfation: The Studio Carone ® Professional Rules.