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Tax Planning and Tax Advice

We provide tax planning and tax advice to all kinds of legal entities: individuals, partnerships, ltd and public companies both in italy and abroad.

Our tax advice covers the whole range of direct and indirect taxes, periodical tax reports and updates on tax law and other related issues.

Studio Carone ® provides its clients with:

  • advice on direct and indirect taxes
  • advice on local taxation issues
  • interpretation on the application of national and international tax laws
  • tax planning on income, value added tax and other indirect taxes
  • valuation of tax strategy efficiency also for international senarios
  • tailor-made tax planning
  • just in time tax advice and assistance during tax audits, reviews or inspections
  • assistance to the clients when dealing with the inland revenue service and other governmental entities

Business Advice

We provide business advice to all kinds of legal entities: individuals, partnerships, ltd and public companies both in italy and abroad.

Studio Carone ® provides its clients with:

  • advice in choosing the appropriate legal entity structure
  • advice in choosing an efficient capital structure
  • assistance in setting up the legal framework for both sole trader companies and partnerships
  • assistance in incorporating a company
  • writing up the company statutory agreement and the company rules and code of conduct
  • advice on business deals and partnerships
  • assistance with transfers of shares ownership
  • help managing human resources, revising and organising the administrative, sales and business structure.
  • advice when starting up, obtaining funding and getting capital injections
  • assistance in making sure that all the due legal processes are carried out when reorganising the capital structure
  • business reengineering
  • advice on problematic financial situations and business crisis
  • pre and post liquidation consultancy
  • handling of all the financial and tax issues
  • setting up companies in Italy
  • advice on handling the relationships between share holders and between the share holders and the company
  • taking care of the administrative issues related to government licences, permissions and nulla osta
  • Chamber of Commerce certifications
  • writing up and submission of documents related to the Chamber of Commerce


We provide advice on contract law and agreements to all kinds of legal entities: individuals, partnerships, ltd and public companies both in italy and abroad.

Studio Carone ® provides its clients with advice during all steps of a deal. We specifically provide assistance on:

  • franchising contracts
  • trade contracts for goods and services
  • shares transfer contracts
  • real estate contracts
  • job contracts
  • business intermediation contracts
  • several kinds of private agreements
  • contracts needed for M&A and other capital operations
  • non disclosure agreements
  • business contracts for partnerships, leasing and joint ventures

Legal and Fiscal Due Diligence

Legal and Fiscal due diligence must be carried out to minimise the risks of capital operations of non-ordinary nature.

Due diligence is used to capture the critical aspects of financial operations and valuate them from a risk-management angle.

Strategic alliances, selling branches, litigations and even valuations require due diligence to minimise risk and maximise efficiency.

Studio Carone ® provides:

  • feasibility studies
  • budgets and business plans
  • financial analysis and forecast
  • investment valuations
  • valuations of businesses, participations, assets and options.
  • interpretation and application of tax law
  • identification of risk areas
  • upgrading to new regulations and management of irregularities
  • goodwill valuation
  • analysis and management of cost centres
  • strategic control and planning

Contabilità (Accounting)

Studio Carone ®, thanks to CONSULTANTS FOR BUSINESS Srl ®, provides accounting advice to all kinds of legal entities: individuals, partnerships, ltd and public companies.

We work on both simplified, ordinary and analytical accounting

We handle the whole workflow, starting from the early practices to the fulfillment of all the procedures for the production of the financial statements and ledgers.

We also assist those companies that have to stick to international accounting principles such as IAS/IFRS.

Studio Carone ® can provide assistance on:

  • ordinary, simplified and analytical accounts
  • optimisation of business resources
  • assistance in managing the accounts
  • management of financial statement and books rquired by law
  • production of periodic and annual reports and statements
  • structuring and organisation of an accounting framework
  • review and reconstruction of accounts
  • audits

Financial Statements

Studio Carone ® provides financial statements assistance to all kinds of legal entities: individuals, partnerships, ltd and public companies.

We handle several types of annual reports.

We consider all types of balances, ranging from industries, retail companies, service copmanies, banks, insurances and holding companies.

We also provide consolidated balance serices for holdings, banks and financial companies.

The Studio can also produce the statements according to IAS/IFRS.

Studio Carone ® provides:

  • balance sheets
  • Quarterly and semestral financial statements
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • budget and report analysis
  • profit and loss and cashflow statements

Merger and Acquisition

Studio Carone ® is specialised in providing assistance with shareholder capital operations. We have been instrumental in both merger and sale operations of company branches.

We worked on mergers and aquistions of italian and foreign companies, asset valuations, strategic and institutional partner relationships and founding for business growth.


We help defining a growth strategy and determining financing options. Studio Carone ® finds the better performing investment and its founding needs and expenses.

We look for laws offering funding and tax detractions. We write up a business plan, perform a feasibility study and deal with all the bureaucracy involved.

We assist with:

  • looking for financial instruments
  • write up funding requests
  • relating to credit institutes on the client’s behalf on a continuous basis
  • definition of different funding techniques: loans, mortgages, bond issuing, leasing, factoring


Studio Carone ® handles all aspects of tax litigation and guarantees immediate assistance.

  • pre-itigation: advice and assistance when dealing with tax audits and relating to tax offices
  • litigation: advice and assistance with all steps of first and second degree tax trials, dealing with both direct and indirect taxation.

Private Asset Management

Studio Carone ® provides full assistance for the optimisation and management of family assets. We provide advice on:

  • management of real estate assets
  • inheritance
  • segregation of family assets from company assets
  • family income planning
  • familiar and business successions
  • intermediation dealing with inheritance issues

Real Estate Management

We give advice and assistance with real estate issues. We provide assistance when renting or selling real estate.


Studio Carone ® provides:

  • advice on trust laws
  • guarantees for bond issuing
  • revenue sharing without direct ownership
  • new types of guarantee
  • real estate trusts
  • family trusts

Foreign Advice

We provide:

  • international tax planning
  • assignment of italian IVA code to entities residing outside the country.
  • management of IVA accounting (VAT)
  • payment of VAT
  • accounting, tax assistance and tax declaration for entities residing outside the country.
  • assistance in the formation of italian companies for foreign entities
  • TAX Representative
  • financial planning and periodic reporting to the mother-company

Legal Advice

  • Advice and assistance in judicial and extrajudicial matters of commercial and civil law (especially with regard to issues related to corporate law and contract law).
  • Advice and assistance in the area of insolvency of enterprises (business support in situations of financial stress and turnarounds).
  • Relationship with suppliers, lenders, borrowers and /or customers (resolution of issues relating to debt recovery and identification of repayment plans).
  • Drafting of opinions in the matters covered by the commercial and civil law.
  • Drafting and signing of contracts to service-type, related to the matter of commercial and civil law.
  • Insurance Law (service and / or resolution of any problem related to the insurance contract; management of claims of any nature).
  • Family Law (consensual and judicial separations, divorces, etc..)